Our Impact

Industry Arts facilitates education, career development and entertainment industry access for hundreds of thousands of emerging writers and filmmakers each year through our talent-discovery programs, educational events, data-aggregation services and software platforms. 

How we help writers
Transforming talent-discovery in Hollywood

More than 800 writers and filmmakers have launched their entertainment careers through our various brands and programs. The creative people we support have begun promising careers and have contributed amazing stories and artistic visions to the world. We’ve helped writers sell their first screenplay, get staffed in their first TV writers room, and sign with their first literary agent.

How we help the entertainment industry
Making emerging talent more accessible for the industry

Industry Arts connects managers, agents and producers with hundreds of talented emerging writers each year. Industry Arts hires more than 300 professional readers and editors to evaluate and develop more than 1 million pages of screenplays, pitches, stage plays and books through our brands and programs each year, as well as for our industry partner organizations. Major Hollywood studios and production companies rely in our reading services and software for evaluating creative material. 

How we help the community
Giving back

Industry Arts has given more than $100,000 in charitable donations to support important causes and nonprofit organizations in the entertainment industry. Recipients of our grants include Young Storytellers, The Writers Guild Foundation, Writers Guild Initiative, ARRAY Foundation, Books for Kids, 826LA, and hundreds of emerging artists.

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