Our Brands

Industry Arts is the parent company to some of the entertainment industry’s leading software, data-aggregation and talent-discovery services and brands. 

Talent Discovery, Content & Events

ScreenCraft is one of the leading screenwriting education websites, offering genre-specific screenwriting competitions, online courses and annual events.

Founded in late 2012 by entertainment industry development executives, ScreenCraft has since launched hundreds of screenwriting careers, and partners with top industry organizations to foster career development for writers and filmmakers. 

The Script Lab is a screenwriting education website with over a million unique visitors per year. 

The Launch Pad Competitions are some of the industry’s most effective screenwriting talent-discovery programs, featuring hundreds of success stories including multiple bidding wars at major studios for Launch Pad Top 100 writers.

Writer/Industry Discovery Platform

Coverfly is dedicated to making screenwriting talent-discovery more accessible and meritocratic. By aggregating and analyzing data on emerging talent from across the industry’s most respected talent-discovery programs, Coverfly is launching hundreds of new screenwriting careers each year. Coverfly also offers custom software solutions to talent-discovery programs and Hollywood studios. 

Information & Tracking

Done Deal Pro is one of the industry’s oldest membership databases with daily updates and decades of data on Hollywood deals, such as intellectual property options, purchases and screenwriting deals.

The Tracking Board is Hollywood’s first public tracking board, collecting and sharing data on the spec screenplay market, entertainment industry jobs, deals and screenwriting-related industry news. The Tracking Board has thousands of members, including entertainment industry professionals and emerging writers, and runs one of Hollywood’s most-trusted writing competitions, Launch Pad.

Script Coverage & Feedback

Founded in 2014, WeScreenplay works with experienced professional readers to provide valuable creative development feedback on screenplays to screenwriters, producers and studios. WeScreenplay has quickly become the industry’s most popular script coverage service, specializing in fast, affordable, high-quality screenplay creative analysis for emerging writers and industry professionals. Thousands of screenwriters and producers rely on WeScreenplay’s creative development services each year.