Our Story

We’ve been innovating and educating industry creatives for over 10 years. The success we’ve achieved so far has resulted in over 3 million writers and filmmakers engaging with our products, services and educational content each year. Our brands give us a unique opportunity to create positive change in the entertainment industry, to grow our community of emerging and established creatives. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions the Industry Arts family has grown into a thriving family of brands that work synergistically to achieve our purpose of making the entertainment industry more accessible, efficient and meritocratic.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate, caring experts who are dedicated to providing excellent service to entertainment industry professionals and emerging writers.

Alexey Frolov

Software Engineer

Alexey is a software engineer and product developer.

Aleksandra Hansen

WeScreenplay Story Analyst

Aleksandra reads scripts and works with top emerging writers. 

Cameron Pinches


Cameron identifies and works with top emerging writers.

Chris Roberts

Tech Lead

Chris leads our Developer Team. 

Dan Porter

Head of Product

Dan leads product development.

Donnita Shaw

ScreenCraft Writer Development

Donnita identifies and works with top emerging writers.

Erin English

Growth Marketing Manager

Erin manages brand growth on social media.

Geoffroy Faugerolas

Writer Development

Geoffroy develops writers and matches them with industry opportunities. 

Jeffrey Kimball

Story Analyst

Jeffrey reads scripts and works with top emerging writers. 

Jen Rothenwander

Social Media

Jen manages social media.

Julianna Hartke

Reader Management

Julianna manages reader operations.

Lauren Patterson

Launch Pad Story Analyst

Lauren reads scripts and works with top emerging writers. 

Maggie Waz

Coverfly PartnerS

Maggie manages Coverfly’s partner accounts.

Merry Grissom

ScreenCraft Story Analyst

Merry reads scripts and works with top emerging writers. 

Micah Goldman

Story Analyst

Micah reads scripts and works with top emerging writers. 

Nate Witty

Web Developer / Graphics

Nate updates our websites and makes graphics. 

Neha Dutta

WeScreenplay Writer DEVELOPMENT

Neha identifies and works with top emerging writers.

Pear Benjasirichai

Director of Growth Marketing

Pear develops and executes our growth strategy.

Peter Bedor

Frontend Engineer

Peter makes our products look great.

Rebecca Rozakis

Senior Director of Marketing

Rebecca leads our marketing team

Sandrene Mathews

Customer SUCCESS

Sandrene manages customer success. 

Scot Lawrie

Co-founder, Advisor

Scot is the co-founder of Industry Arts and acts as an advisor.

Spencer Janes

Launch Pad Competitions

Spencer manages the Launch Pad competitions and writer development. 

Tom Dever

Writer Development

Tom leads the writer development team. 

V Renee


V manages content strategy. 

Our Journey
Acquired by Cast & Crew

Acquired by Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew, a leading end-to-end cloud-based platform powering global entertainment production and content creation, announced in 2022 that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Backstage Holdings ("Backstage"), a leading provider of talent marketplace and content creation tools for the creative economy. This transaction brings together two companies with the shared mission of making content creation more efficient and effective at scale.

Acquired by Backstage

Acquired by Backstage

Backstage, the leading freelancer marketplace and application suite for creators, announced in 2021 that it has acquired Industry Arts, significantly expanding Backstage's talent pool of creative professionals. Industry Arts delivers some of the entertainment industry's leading software, data-aggregation, and talent-discovery services for writers, offering Backstage customers direct access to writers for their projects.

Done Deal Pro Acquired

Done Deal Pro Acquired

Acquired in 2020, Done Deal Pro is one of the industry's oldest and largest databases tracking deals on screenplays and intellectual property. Along with its longstanding and robust forum, Done Deal Pro is a perfect complement to The Tracking Board's spec screenplay market database. Together these services will provide broader and richer data and news for the entertainment industry and emerging writers and filmmakers. 

The Tracking Board & Launch Pad Acquired

The Tracking Board & Launch Pad Acquired

In 2019 The Tracking Board and Launch Pad were acquired by Industry Arts to further engage with industry professionals. The Tracking Board's database of spec screenplay market tracking complements Coverfly's database of emerging writers and projects. The Launch Pad competitions' stellar track record and industry reputation are a welcome addition to Coverfly's roster of talent-discovery programs. And the backend software provided by Coverfly has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the annual writing competitions. 

Industry Arts Becomes Parent Company

Industry Arts Becomes Parent Company

Industry Arts (the trade name of Red Ampersand, LLC) was formed as the parent company shortly after the ScreenCraft team merged with the WeScreenplay and Coverfly teams. ScreenCraft's reputation as the industry's leading talent-discovery organization, together with WeScreenplay's growing reputation as the industry's top screenplay coverage service, created a wonderful synergy. And the Coverfly team's technical expertise in software development has made all the parent company's brands stronger, more innovative and user-friendly. 

Coverfly Writer Dashboard Launches

Coverfly Writer Dashboard Launches

Coverfly started as the backend technology for WeScreenplay's coverage service. As Coverfly developed into a more robust software platform and database, the Coverfly Writer Dashboard was born as a tool for writers to control their own data, and optionally to include their information in the searchable industry-facing database of writers and projects. 

Merger with WeScreenplay

Merger with WeScreenplay

WeScreenplay had been working on software (which eventually became Coverfly) to help reduce the administrative overhead of screenplay feedback and writing programs. When the team at ScreenCraft saw it, the two joined forces to build something greater than the sum of their parts. 

The Script Lab Acquired

The Script Lab Acquired

Established in 2010, The Script Lab has been a leading education website for aspiring screenwriters worldwide. It was acquired in late 2016 by the team at WeScreenplay and Coverfly, just months before merging with ScreenCraft to form Industry Arts. The Script Lab is one of the most popular websites for emerging writers to learn about the craft of screenwriting. 

Merger with WeScreenplay

WeScreenplay Founded

WeScreenplay was founded with a single goal: to make professional screenplay feedback accessible, affordable and fast. Since it started in 2014, WeScreenplay has grown into Hollywood's top screenplay feedback service, offering screenplay analysis from experienced professional readers to producers, screenwriters and studios. 

ScreenCraft Founded

ScreenCraft Founded

ScreenCraft was founded by Hollywood development executives in late 2012 as an educational resource for emerging screenwriters and filmmakers. It has since grown to be one of Hollywood's top talent-discovery organizations with thousands of writers participating in ScreenCraft's annual programs each year. ScreenCraft offers writing competitions, online and in-person events, educational books and courses, and a popular blog with content ranging from the craft of screenwriting to the business of Hollywood.